• RESEARCH – Our principal lines of research are focussed on:

 Active listening as a key element and avenue towards conscious decision-making and a broadening of the capacity for learning.

 Transformative systems and spaces, especially within the field of education.

 Key elements in personal, group, organisational and social motivation.

 The design and development of systems of analysis and reflection for the creation of data narratives as an experience of learning and discovery.


The Active Listening Centre works with other teams in a wide range of projects, always with a common denominator: listening to others and to oneself.
The following model illustrated our work methodology:

%name ACTIVITIES Estudiar en Universidad Privada Madrid
%name ACTIVITIES Estudiar en Universidad Privada Madrid

Listening: The first phase of any project starts with a pre-diagnostic of the reality in which we will be working. Once we have listened to this reality, we can create a diagnostic for the design of a listening dynamic for the following phase.

%name ACTIVITIES Estudiar en Universidad Privada Madrid

Co-create: In this phase, the agents involved are called to work together in a co-creative dynamic of listening to achieve the proposed objectives. Some of these objectives are: Conflict management, team building, student experience, design of improvement plans, etc.

%name ACTIVITIES Estudiar en Universidad Privada Madrid

Integrative intelligence: The key element in making the gears work is the capacity for people to deploy their capacity for connecting and integrating what they know from experience (past) with what reality tells us (present) and what they apprehend (future). At the Active Listening Centre we accompany people throughout this process in developing their integrative intelligence.

%name ACTIVITIES Estudiar en Universidad Privada Madrid

Delivery: All listening dynamics end with an action plan proposed by the people involved. Now what? What are the next steps to achieve our goals? At the Active Listening Centre we believe that true change comes not only from analysing the past (feedback) but from projecting ourselves into the future (feedforward), taking action and evaluating the impact to begin a new cycle.

After the co-creation session and the creation of an action plan, the follow-up phase begins, to evaluate the transformative impact of active listening. The cycle of follow-up is shown below.

%name ACTIVITIES Estudiar en Universidad Privada Madrid

Active Listening Centre

Top Floor, Module 5 (Office 2)

Office hours: 9:00 to 18:00

Listening to you

    The purpose of data processing is to attend to your request for information about  undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs offered by the UFV, invite you to university open days, informative sessions and workshops which may help you decide your area of study, and to keep you periodically informed of current and future programs which may be of interest by electronic means, in addition to analysis and segmentation based on your education preferences. The legitimacy of data processing is based on the consent of the interested party given by marking the appropriate box. The data provided will not be shared with third parties except for service providers with access to the data. The data will be held for a period of three years from the date of collection.Should you enrol in an academic program, your personal data will be processed as indicated in the data protection information of the registration form.You may exercise your rights to access, correction, deletion, opposition, limitation of processing and data portability by sending a written request to the Secretaría General, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Ctra. M-515 Pozuelo-Majadahonda Km. 1,800; 28223, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), or by e-mail: you authorise the sharing of data with third parties, the interested party shall be duly  informed of the content of this data protection clause.
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    Here you will find information on all the events we have organised to promote the importance of active listening in our personal and professional experience.


    II International Meeting “Just Listen! Listening to you, Listening to us, Connecting you, Connecting us”

    Link to the “Just Listen!” training day, November 13.