SICUE (national mobility scheme)

SICUE CALL – Academic year 2022/2023:

  • Description: free matriculation at other Spanish universities which have signed a bilateral SICUE agreement with Francisco de Vitoria University (henceforth, “UFV”). Recognition of credits obtained at the destination university.
  • Aimed at: UFV students enrolled in official bachelor’s programs.
  • Destinations: Spanish universities that have signed a SICUE agreement with the UFV. See destinations
  • Grants: there are no grants for this program.
  • Duration: 1 term or 1 full academic year.
  • Requirements: inquire at the Vice-Rectorate for International Relations (exterior ground floor of module 1, central building).
  • Assignment of places: each degree course is responsible for publicizing and awarding its own places.

*For further information, ask at the Vice-Rectorate for International Relations, or contact us at: