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es INTERNATIONAL STUDENT MOBILITY SCHEME 2022/2023 Estudiar en Universidad Privada Madrid
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Each year, Francisco de Vitoria University, through its Vice-Rectorate for International Relations, offers its students international mobility places for undergraduate studies at partner universities with which the UFV has signed exchange agreements. The purpose of these exchanges is academic recognition and enhancing the curricular profile of participant students. The current call for academic year 2022/23 will remain open from 15 November to 15 December 2021. Only applications received within this period will be accepted.


Participation request: click here (29/11/2021) (period open until 22/12/2022 at 23:59)

Bases of the Call 22/23 (29/11/2021) *Rectification of levels evaluated in UFV language tests

Annex I – UFV Destinations by Centers 22/23 *List subject to updates. Check publication date (21/12/2021)

Annex II – Multi-Area Destinations 22/23 *List subject to updates. Check publication date (29/11/2021)

Annex III – Language Certificates (05/10/2021)

Annex IV – Academic Tutors (11/11/2021)

Annex V – Regulations (05/10/2021)

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  • Be duly matriculated at UFV in the second year or higher of a study program leading to the award of an officially recognised undergraduate degree.
  • Have obtained 48 ECTS credits towards a degree or 60 ECTS for a double degree by the closing date for this call.
  • Have a weighted average mark of 5.5 or more on the closing date for this call.
  • Accredit the minimum level required in the language in which the teaching is given at the destination university. An official language certificate or the result of a level test conducted by the UFV Language Centre will be accepted.



  • Applications should be submitted online using the form available during the application period: 15 November to 15 December 2021 at 23:59 (both inclusive).
  • Each participant may request a maximum of 7 destinations in order of preference. The priority order is binding and may not be changed once the application period has passed.
  • Last application per student will be considered.
  • Language level tests organised by UFV for this mobility call: 25 October-5 November.
  • Submission of an application implies acceptance of the conditions set out here.


  • Francisco de Vitoria University has established inter-institutional agreements with over 200 other universities in 30 countries, for parts of university study courses to be taken.
  • For any information about the destination university’s academic offer and recognition, it is important to contact the academic mobility tutor for the student’s undergraduate degree and/or look at the destination institution website.


  • The minimum duration for mobility is 3 months and the maximum is 12 months.
  • The Erasmus+ program establishes a maximum mobility period of 12 months for each study cycle (undergraduate, master’s and doctorate). It is possible to have more than one Erasmus+ mobility (whether for study or for traineeship) during undergraduate studies, provided that the total duration does not exceed the maximum of 12 months the program stipulates. For study programs that only have one cycle, such as Medicine and Architecture, students may participate in mobility schemes up to a maximum of 24 months.


The selection scale for the award of places is as follows:

  • Academic transcript (maximum: 7 points).
  • Language (maximum: 2.5 points).
  • New applicant (0.5 points).

The destinations awarded will be published in 25 January 2022: once the exchange place has been awarded, the student will have to prepare certain documentation for the destination university and for the mobility exchange to go ahead.

We at the Vice-Rectorate for International Relations will accompany and advise all students selected throughout the process.

Note: the “international mobility call” for the Erasmus KA131 project at Francisco de Vitoria University is co-financed by the European Union Erasmus+ program. The information contained here is the exclusive responsibility of Francisco de Vitoria University and neither the European Commission nor the Spanish Education International Relations Service (SEPIE) are responsible for the use which may be made of it.