Erasmus+ is an EU program in support of the education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It’s budget of 14.7 billion Euros offers opportunities for study, international experience and volunteering to over 4 million Europeans.

The Erasmus program, currently extending until 2027, is aimed not only at students. Seven prior programs have been folded into the Erasmus program, offering opportunities to a wide range of people and organisations.

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education-ECHE provides the general framework for European and international cooperation programs and activities in which all higher education institutions can participate within the Erasmus Program. Higher education institutions in participating countries must have an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education in order to request and participate in mobility programs for academic or training purposes and/or cooperation in the area of innovation and work placements offered by the Program. The Erasmus Charter is valid for the duration of the Erasmus Program (2021-2027).

Obtaining an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for 2021-2027 is not only required to participate in all the programs offered by Erasmus, but also represents a “seal of excellence”that allows the UFV to actively participate in strategic projects and prestigious international networks, contributing to the quality of its activities and academic reputation. As a signatory of the 2021-2027 Charter, the UFV confirms its participation in the Erasmus Program as part of its modernisation and internationalisation strategy, recognising student and staff mobility as an important factor in the quality of higher education programs.

The new Erasmus Program 2021-2027, which has seen a 60% budget increase from the period 2014-2020, totalling some 25 billion Euros, offers innumerable opportunities for cooperation between higher education institutions. Information on these grants can be found in the “mobility programs” section of our website or the Servicio Español para la Internationalisation de la Educación (SEPIE).

Erasmus Documentation:

– Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027 (PDF)

– Erasmus+ Student Charter (PDF)

– Erasmus+ Policy Statement (PDF)