We find ourselves in a context in which uncertainty, complexity, volatility and ambiguity have become a constant part of our lives, reminding us that, as Heraclites said: “the only constant in life is change”. Within this scenario, technology plays an important role but the people who design, develop and apply this technology are, without a doubt, the protagonists of transformation, able to overcome current challenges and those we will face in the future. Listening is an essential and catalysing element for transformation. But we regard listening as the active engagement with others, not to respond, but to accept and understand, internalising what others say and do not say. To find an inner silence in order to listen with the capacity for wonder, absolute presence, creative openness, curiosity and engagement with others. This is the door that leads to learning and integrative intelligence that connects, enables change, relations and awareness, collective intelligence and transformative decision-making.

The Active Listening Centre is an independent research centre of the Francisco de Vitoria University. Our mission is research and the development of active listening as an essential element in person-centred decision-making in both teaching and university administration.

Our activities are organised with the Centre for Excellence, under the supervision of the Vice Rectorate for Quality and Organisational Transformation.


Our objectives are based on 4 pillars:


1. To develop a person-centred listening model that will serve as a reference for improving the academic quality and services of the University in keeping with the UFV Mission.

2. The dissemination of diverse listening methodologies through publications, conferences, congresses, scientific meetings and any other events or means for the transfer of knowledge.

3. To support training initiatives and encourage a culture of active listening oriented towards quality and excellence.


1. To support and advise governing bodies of the university community in decision-making, by means of person-centred listening dynamics, for the integration of all voices and sources of information.

2. To design and develop systems for accompaniment reflecting the feedback from active listening, personalised to each specific case.

3. To carry out research, studies, projects and initiatives within the field of active listening for other entities, both public and private, both nationally and internationally, both internally and in partnership with other entities through collaboration agreements.


1. To design and support the diagnostic, evaluation and prediction of impacts based on key variables and systems of dialogic SMART indicators (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound).

2. To design tool for the visualisation of information, permitting the creation of data narratives that facilitate decision-making.


1. To build a network of co-creative communities of active listening for transformation and learning in higher education and its organisational development.

Active Listening Centre

Top Floor, Module 5 (Office 2)

Office hours: 9:00 to 18:00

Listening to you

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