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UFV does not look after finding accommodation at the destination. Therefore, it is recommended to discover whether the destination university has a housing service. In addition, there are specialist agencies which guarantee you a signed housing contract in exchange for a small commission. In the event you cannot find accommodation, we leave you with some useful information:

ERASMUSU is the largest community of international students. Book verified accommodation all over the world if you are thinking of studying abroad.

Erasmusu offers Francisco de Vitoria University students: *30% discount using the code UFV30 if you enter using this link.

*Personal assistance email: ufv@erasmusu.com

*90,000 all over the world.

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This is a global platform for student accommodation. Students can find and reserve online, before they get to their final destination, a wide offer of shared flats, complete apartments, student halls or host families in over 30 university cities in Europe and the USA.


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To book your housing with complete assurance and before your exchange starts, UFV recommends the service of the international housing platform HousingAnywhere.

Click here to be identified as a UFV VIP user and receive priority access to the rooms available:


At the same time, you can offer your own room to an incoming student, so you do not have to pay rent twice and can return to the same room afterwards. You can manage applications from students interested in your room and accept the tenant you prefer on HousingAnywhere. You can recognise UFV international students because they will have the same UFV VIP badge as you, and we request that you offer them priority!

Ensure that the property owner is in agreement before publishing your advertisement.

For more information, look here or contact vip@housinganywhere.com

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Users who use Nestpick can browse more than 40,000 listings in 18 European cities and book their apartment on the website of a trusted partner.


Student Global Relocation, a company specialising in international mobility, has housing in Madrid, Barcelona, Portugal, France, Italy, Great Britain and Holland

It also offers a series of services additional to the housing, such as airport transfers, welcome service and much more…

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This company offers 30,000 properties in 40 European cities. They certify the properties and have an anti-fraud payment system unique in Europe. They work with the European Commission and ESN International on the HouseErasmus+ project.


Alojamiento FRANCIA:

CROUS university residence network

CROUS (Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires) is a French government body which manages a very large number of student residences all over France. CROUS residences usually offer keen prices compared with other private housing. To learn about the accommodation available in your destination city, you should consult the local Crous office. For instance:

Alojamiento LONDRES:

Alojamiento ROMA:

There exists the possibility of finding housing at the CTS (Centro Turístico Studentesco), which offers addresses of flats for rent or families who accept students.

Via degli Ausoni, 5 – 00185 Roma
Tel. +39-06-4450141 – 4455262
Fax +39-06-4454920

E-mail: erasmus@cts.it

It is recommended to purchase the daily “Porta Portese” paper on Tuesdays and Fridays, when there are a large number of house and apartment ads for students.

With regard to rents in the city centre, prices generally exceed 500 euros for apartments larger than 50 square metres with kitchen and bathroom.

Halls of residence:

Associazione CUIR
Via Anicia, 13 – 00153 Roma- Italy
Tel. +39.06. 3200074 – fax +39.06. 3230730

e-mail: cuir@mclink.it

Collegio Universitario “Don Nicola Mazza”
Via di Trasone, 56 – 00199 Roma- Italy
tel. +39.06.8622361 – fax +39.06.86328886

e-mail: trasone@collegiomazza.it

Fondazione Comunità Domenico Tardini
Villa Nazareth
Via D. Tardini, 35 – 00167 Roma- Italy
tel. +39.06.666971 – fax +39.06.6621754

e-mail: ftardini@tiscali.it