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Are you going abroad on exchange soon? We have launched an initiative for the whole UFV community to follow your steps outside Spain. Using photos and videos on Instagram, tell us about your stay abroad and in exchange, apart from getting fans on social networks, we will give you 1 ECTS/term.

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Requirements for the award of ECTS:

  • 1. The student must publish 1 post per day during their exchange stay, starting the day they take the flight to their destination. The last post must be immediately upon return to Spain. A total of 90 posts/term is estimated
  • 2.The student must appear in at least 60 of the posts they publish.
  • 3.At least 4 posts will show what the host university is like (cafeteria, grounds, library, classes, practical work, activities, etc.); 4 posts will show emblematic places in the city (cathedral, park, museums, plazas, etc.); 4 posts with people they have met there (Erasmus friends, a family) in different places (mountain, lakes, cities while travelling, sport, etc.); 4 posts recounting native traditions (like eating sausages in Germany, Oktoberfest, speaking Bavarian dialect with somebody, etc.); 2 posts should be video interviews of friends the student has met there, in which these friends answer questions like: what their names are, where they are from, what they are doing, how they met the student and what things they usually do together.
  • 4.In the other posts, the student is invited to relate their experiences of each day, from going to buy bread, riding a bicycle, staying in to study, cooking with friends, plans with other students…).
  • 5.Up to a total of 10 posts may be quotes from famous people or about important events in that country or sayings, accompanied by photos of the student, with no need to say more.
  • 6.At the end of their exchange, the student will be asked to respond to an online survey and to participate in the recording of a 1-minute video with the other “Instabloggers” (after they are back at UFV).

You can raise any queries at the Vice-Rectorate for International Relations (central building, module 2) or at University Extension; or write to

Put on your backpack and tell us about your adventures!

Register here for the 2nd term 2022-2023

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Eliel Stoffenmacher, Boston (EEUU)

Sara Candel, Budapest (Hungary)

Álvaro Ruz, Leeuwarden (the Netherlands)

Nuria y Ana, Vilna (Lithuania)

Laura, Coventry (United Kingdom)

Silvia Otero, the Hague (the Netherlands)

Have a look at the Instablogs of some brave students who have already made one or are making one now: