SCHEME 2021-2022

How do I apply for a place?

Short-stay mobility

  • > Apply to the Vice-Rectorate for International Relations (VRI) using the online platform (link below) and attach a copy of your DNI/NIE, the teaching or training project, CV in English and letter of acceptation/invitation from the institution(s) where the stay is to take place.


  • > Mobility financed by the Erasmus program can only be within Europe, for the universities and areas published with each call. Other mobility stays financed from UFV funds do not have any restriction upon the destination, although the cost and availability of resources will be assessed at the moment of application.


  • > Mobility must be applied for at least 2 months in advance of the start of the stay, so that the administrative procedures necessary can be completed. This implies that all the documents required must be submitted without any exceptions at the moment of application. Should any of these requirements not be met, payment of the financial assistance before the start of the stay is NOT guaranteed.


  • > It is NOT permitted for a participant to benefit from more than two mobilities in a single academic year.

The call will be open until 1 October 2021 and will remain so until the available places have been taken: these will be awarded in the order of arrival of applications. Candidates may only opt for more than two mobilities in the same academic year in substitution for another person or if not all places are awarded.

In all cases, it is the responsibility of the beneficiary to arrange their own transport, housing, subsistence and any other procedure necessary for the stay, with the academic departments and Vice-Rectorate for International Relations being exempted from this obligation.

The beneficiary must notify the dates for their absence to the Staff Development Department using the UFV Employee Portal, and sufficiently far in advance.

Long-stay mobility

  • >Send the application (link below) to VRI ( along with the following documentation: memorandum for research or teaching project, objectives and results envisaged, estimated cost (travel, housing, subsistence, medical insurance, etc.) and approximate start and end dates for the stay.
  • >Letter of acceptance from receiving institution including start and end dates and the purpose of the stay (for teaching stays, the class calendar must be attached).
  • >Letter of approval from the Dean of the faculty to which the applicant is attached.

Mobility will be requested 2 months, at least before the start of the stay in order to verify the completion of the necessary administrative procedures. This implies that at the time of application all the required documents must be delivered without exception. In case of non-compliance with any of the requirements, payment of the aid is NOT guaranteed before the start of the stay.

Virtual mobility

This is an online academic activity with international perspective but with an integrating strategy, so that there are a real impact/return for both students and professors. The activity will form part of an internationalisation strategy (the dedication should be visible and have impact), and it will be measurable using a system of indicators for which VRI is responsible.

You can view the open calls and processes in the section opportunities

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What mobility financing is available?

Virtual mobility

For short-stay mobility, the financing will be determined by the number of days, the distances and category of the host institution’s country. All mobility shall be governed by the following table, which is divided into two items: travel and subsistence.

Travel: Contribution to staff travel costs based on the distance between where they work and where the activity is to take place, as shown in the attached table.

Distancia en kilómetros
Cantidad a percibir
Entre 10 y 99 km 20 € por participante
Entre 100 y 499 km 180 € por participante
Entre 500 y 1999 km 275 € por participante
Entre 2000 y 2999 km 360 € por participante
Entre 3000 y 3999 km 530 € por participante
Entre 4000 y 7999 km 820 € por participante
Entre 8000 y 19999 km 1.500 € por participante

The European Union has created an online calculator for reckoning the distance:

Subsistence: The amounts will depend on the destination country (the European Union has based this on the cost of living in each country), with a maximum of 5 days being funded.

Países de destino
Cantidad diaria a percibir
Grupo A
Dinamarca, Finlandia, Irlanda, Islandia, Liechtenstein, Luxemburgo, Noruega, Reino Unido y Suecia
120 € /día
Grupo B
Alemania, Austria, Bélgica, Chipre, Francia, Grecia, Italia, Malta, Países Bajos, Portugal
105 € /día
Grupo C
Macedonia del Norte, Bulgaria, Croacia, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, Estonia, Hungría, Letonia, Lituania, Polonia, República Checa, Rumanía, Serbia y Turquía
90 €/día

For short-stay stays financed from UFV funds, outside the European Union, the maximum funding available shall be 1500 euros.

Long-stay mobility

For long-stay mobility, the funding for each case will be studied individually by the Mobility Committee, taking into consideration the project and cost submitted in the memorandurm. The financing shall be in accordance with the number of hours of dedication stipulated in the teaching/research staff member’s contract.

Assistance for long-stay mobility will be paid as follows:

Once the financing application has been approved, the sum agreed for travel and subsistence will be paid into the applicant’s bank account within no more than 60 days. The applicant must justify the stay by submitting the tickets for the means of transport chosen.


The existence of a signed Erasmus agreement between the two partner universities does not imply automatic acceptance of the mobility application. That agreement does not guarantee that the exchange will take place. Many factors come into play: the program presented by the candidate might not be accepted by the destination university or institution, no agreement about dates is reached, etc.

The Vice-Rectorate for International Relations offers the contact details for the partner institutions to applicants, but it is the applicant’s own responsibility to carry out the procedures necessary for their stay abroad (agree dates, study the academic offer of the destination university, look at courses similar to those given at UFV). For non-teaching stays, the participant must make use of their professional contacts or search for seminars/workshops/courses which will help them develop professionally.