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To promote the internationalisation of the UFV and collaboration with other Spanish and foreign universities, inter-university cooperation agreements have been established within the framework of the Erasmus+ program as well as bilateral agreements with institutions around the world offering a wide range of academic opportunities: mobility for undergraduate and graduate students; mobility for teachers and researchers; mobility for administrative and services personnel; joint undergraduate and graduate study programs; support for language competence of the entire UFV community; establishment of stable collaboration networks in teaching and research; exchange of experiences and publications, etc.

Inter-institutional agreements under the Erasmus+ Program may be pursued:
internacional convenios internacionales INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS Estudiar en Universidad Privada Madrid

At the request of UFV personnel or personnel of an institution in a country within the program, for those conducting a research, teaching or training stay in a foreign institution.

internacional convenios internacionales 01 INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS Estudiar en Universidad Privada Madrid

After receiving students by virtue of other agreements or work placements, in which case these will be pursued by the academic mobility tutors of each centre who will establish in the agreement the flow of student exchanges, duration of stays and areas of knowledge.

internacional convenios internacionales 02 INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS Estudiar en Universidad Privada Madrid

The Vice-rectorate for Internationalisation may pursue a cooperation agreement or the extension of an existing agreement to new areas in agreement of the academic mobility tutor for the new area or areas of knowledge.

internacional convenio internacional INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS Estudiar en Universidad Privada Madrid

The Framework Agreement marks the beginning of the relations of the UFV with other national or international institutions. This Agreement expresses the intention to establish a more or less lasting relation with the other entity. Once the Framework Agreement has been agreed, a more specific agreement will establish the type of collaboration between the two institutions.