Members of the Academic Committee:

  • President: Alberto López Rosado, Vice-President of Research
  • Secretary: Salvador Antuñano Alea, Co-coordinator of the PhD Programme
  • Members:
  • Alfredo Alvar Ezquerra, Research Professor at Institute of History, CSIC
  • José Manuel García Ramos, Chair Professor of Research Methods, UCM
  • Javier Cervera Gil, Professor of Contemporary History, UFV


Co-coordinator of the Doctorate Program:

Dr Salvador Antuñano Alea

Doctor of Philosophy. Chair Professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Francisco de Vitoria University.

Director of the official MA in Humanities, Francisco de Vitoria University.

Academic background:

BA Philosophy and Educational Sciences, Complutense University of Madrid (1996)

BA Theology, Patristic Specialty, Faculty of Theology of San Dámaso, Madrid (2014)

PhD, University of Barcelona (2000), Extraordinary PhD Award. Thesis: GKC o la llave de la realidad perdida: Estudio sistemático sobre la fundamentación metafísica de las ideas de Gilberto Keith Chesterton en su diálogo con la Modernidad (GKC or the Key to the Lost Reality: A systematic study on the metaphysical foundation of Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s ideas in his dialogue with Modernity).

PhD Bioethics, Regina Apostolorum Athenaeum, Rome (2005). Thesis: Clonación e investigación científica en embriones humanos (Cloning and scientific research on human embryos).

Academic interests:

Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, especially the Augustinian tradition: Plato, St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Anselm of Canterbury, St. Thomas Aquinas.

Greek-Latin literature, in particular: Homer, Virgil, Horace.

History of Religions, especially: classical mythology and the origins of Christianity.

Various 20th-century thinkers: Chesterton, Guardini, Ratzinger-Benedict XVI.

The perennial reflection on Beauty and its expressions.

Ongoing research projects:

Knowledge, Truth and Reason: The Augustinian Tradition in the University. Project financed by Francisco de Vitoria University, 2019-2021. Principal investigator.


  • Salvador Antuñano Alea, Professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, UFV
  • Alfredo Alvar Ezquerra, Research Professor at Institute of History, CSIC
  • José Manuel García Ramos, Chair Professor of Research Methods, UCM
  • José Ignacio Ruiz Rodríguez, Chair Professor of History, UAH
  • Clemente López González, Senior Lecturer in Modern History, UFV
  • Javier Cervera Gil, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary History, UFV
  • Florentino Portero Rodríguez, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary History, UFV
  • Leopoldo Prieto López, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, UFV
  • José Luis Cendejas Bueno, Research Professor, UFV
  • José Ángel Agejas Estaba, Chair Professor of Ethics, UFV
  • Francisco Javier Gómez Díez, Senior Lecturer in History, UFV
  • Ángel Barahona Plaza, Senior Lecturer in Theology, UFV
  • María de Lacalle Noriega, Senior Lecturer in Law, UFV
  • Vicente Lozano Díaz, Senior Lecturer in Metaphysics, UFV
  • Carmen Romero Sánchez-Palencia, Lecturer in Literature, UFV
  • Pablo López Raso, Chair Professor of Contemporary Art, UFV
  • Consuelo Martínez Moraga, Lecturer in Rhetoric, UFV
  • Carmen de la Calle Maldonado, Lecturer in Anthropology, UFV
  • Javier Aranguren Echevarría, Lecturer in Philosophy, UFV
  • Saray Bonete Román, Lecturer in Psychology, UFV
  • Juan Jesús Álvarez Álvarez, Senior Lecturer in Fundamental Philosophy, UFV
  • Álvaro Abellán-García Barrio, Lecturer in Communication Theory, UFV
  • Emilio Delgado Martos, Lecturer in Architecture, UFV
  • Elena Postigo Solana, Lecturer in Bioethics, UFV
  • Ángel Sánchez-Palencia Martí, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, UFV
  • Francisco Javier Rubio Hípola, Lecturer in Theory of Knowledge, UFV
  • Francisco Bueno Pimenta, Lecturer in Aesthetics, UFV
  • Ángel Alonso Muñoz Pérez, Lecturer in Political Philosophy, UFV



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