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The Universidad Francisco de Vitoria was founded in 1993 with 378 students and four degree programs. These students were the first witnesses of the birth of a university which puts the person at the centre, aiming to education future professionals who seek to transform society.  

Today, over 25 years later, the UFV has two university campuses in Madrid, offering more than 50 degree and double degree programs, vocational training, a post graduate school, doctoral degrees, research centres and is a member of an international network of higher education institutions spanning Europe, the United States, Mexico and South America.  

Over 40,000 students have passed through our classrooms and they are the first to recognise that the UFV is something special.


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Within all educational activity, either explicitly or implicitly, are two fundamental questions: why, for what purpose do we do what we do; and who is the person and what are they upon to do.  

The Universidad Francisco de Vitoria arose out of the conviction that a university must offer “something more” than mere professional training, “something more” than scientific instruction. It should be a place where, within a culture of immediacy, the deepest questions are explored. The university must be a beacon of guidance and meaning in our changing times.  

Our identify is as a Catholic university, arising out of the Western cultural tradition and our educational mission is based on our conviction that the truth can be sought, known and shared, and Christian anthropology, in which we recognise the intrinsic dignity of each human being, open to and embracing the common good.


Our mission is to create a university community of people seeking the truth and goodness who, through their education and leadership, promote a Christian transformation of society and culture. Our vision is to be a leading university in the sciences and professions”.
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Our teaching methodology is based on the notion of education for transformation, for our students to gain a broad and critical vision becoming excellent professionals able to apply their talents in service to others leading the kind of change the world needs.  


Our students are always accompanied on their university journey, guided by their teachers and specialised mentors whose mission is to help students in the process of personal growth, developing their skills to achieve their personal and professional goals.  

The person is the centre

We put the person in the centre and accompany them throughout their education, recognising their talents, their passions and their interests. We are well aware the same formula does not serve everyone, and that what makes us different also makes us unique.  

For this, the UFV offers a mentoring program for students, who benefit from personalised attention and reduced class sizes to help achieve their individual goals.

Catholic university

We recognise the intrinsic dignity of every human being, engaging with the most fundamental questions in the constant search for Truth for a Christian transformation of society and culture.

Comprehensive education

We believe in a synthesis of knowledge rather than hyper-specialisation, because only through synthesis can students have a full and complete education in all their dimensions and give the best of themselves to the world.  

Courses in humanism incorporated into all degree programs 
Education in skills and competences 
– Numerous activities: conferences, experiences, trips, etc. that foster a continuous search for meaning in their life and their future profession 

Academic excellence

We pursue excellence in everything we do, educating the leaders of tomorrow and providing students with the tools to excel both personally and professionally. Thanks to this demanding educational program over 93% of students find employment immediately after graduation.  

Expert teaching faculty 
Practical classes relevant to the real world  
Agreements with companies for professional experience  
State-of-the-art facilities for comprehensive learning in their field 
Grants for academic excellence  
University Leadership School educating future leaders  
Annual Optimus Awards for outstanding students in each faculty 
Europa Grants Programs for the best academic record of candidates  


The UFV is a university open to the world, preparing our students for a global and multicultural world. Our priority is that our students acquire the knowledge, competences and broad vision necessary to work effectively in any environment and culture.  

Partnership agreements with universities in Europe, Asia and America  
Bilingual degrees  
Work placements abroad 
Language centre for classes in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and other languages, and training and exam centre for Cambridge University and the British Council APTIS Test 
Campus with national and international students  
– Buddy Program, a support program for foreign students  
– UFV Planet, accompaniment for UFV students studying abroad 

Research and innovation

We look to the future, conducting research in a range of areas, innovating in all we do to produce the best in research to contribute to science, society and education. 

UFV research is conducted through a number of different institutions, university chairs and research groups such as the Institute of Executive Development (IDDI), the John Henry Newman Institute, the Centre for Family Studies and the Institute of Personal Development, the School of Rare Diseases and the Biomedical Research Institute among many others.  
Research agreements and partnerships with other institutions such as the CSIC, the CNIO, the Hospital 12 de Octubre, etc. 
Over 70 research groups active in all areas of academic research.  

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Full university life

The true experience takes place beyond the classroom. At the UFV we offer a vibrant university life, with constant dialogue between students and teachers from different degree programs with different skills and ways of thinking.  

Our campus is special. Not only is it one of the best in Europe, there is a distinctive air of community, of encounter, of openness where students share and participate in any number of activities. Students have so much to offer, and the UFV is the place where they can do it!  

– Student societies and clubs 
Sports centre  
Sports teams and competitions  
– Missions 
– Volunteering  
– Conferences 
– Debates 
– Theatre 
University media and communications  
– Promotion of entrepreneurship and creativity  
– … and a long list of further activities for the whole community or for specific degree students throughout the year 


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The Universidad Francisco de Vitoria was launched with this same vocation for transformation in 1993, and since then the university has made huge strides, becoming the fastest growing private university in recent years. 

Today, students can choose from over 50 degree and double degree programs in which they can develop and deploy their talents, in nine different faculties and schools: Communication, Law and Business, Health Sciences, the Vocational School, Education and Psychology,, Experimental Sciences, Medicine, the Postgraduate and International Postgraduate Schools.  

The UFV also offers some of the most advanced facilities in Europe with a number of research centres and institutions for education and innovation and services, including the Advanced Clinical Simulation Centre, the Surgical Simulation Centre, the Integral Family Support Centre, the Advanced Vocational School, the Institute of Executive Development, Le Cordon Bleu Madrid school of haute cuisine, the UFV Sports Centre and the Colegio Mayor Francisco de Vitoria.  

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Undergraduate Students

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Postgraduate Students

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Students in the “Take control of your future” program

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employability training programs


workshops for senior students

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research centers and institutes


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beneficiaries in social action projects

Over the years, the efforts and achievements of the UFV have been recognised by numerous academic and research institutions.