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If you are a foreigner, it is always a good idea to contact the Spanish Consulate in your country of origin to clarify the requirements demanded for a student visa.

The Spanish government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation  details the documents necessary.

Depending on how long the studies last, two kinds of visa may be requested.

Schengen Visa

This visa is known as the short-duration visitor visa. In this case, the duration of the studies must be between 90 and 180 days.

The student must complete their training within the period established, as this visa cannot be extended. In other words, it cannot be renewed.

For longer periods, a specific student visa should be requested.

Student visa

For a longer stay than 180 days, the person must submit the following documentation (original and copy) at the Spanish Consulate in their own country:

  •  Visa application form, which can be found on the Consulate website.
  •  Colour photographs of passport size on a white background.
  •  Passport or similar travel document, which must be in force.
  •  Certificates of qualifications previously earned. For certain countries, a Hague Apostille is necessary.
  •  Letter of admission to the study centre.
  •  Medical insurance.
  •  Letter or certificate of any criminal convictions.
  •  Medical certificate accrediting that the applicant does not suffer from illnesses which could have a serious effect on public health.
  •  Evidence of sufficient funds to cover the stay during the period for which the visa is requested. If the funds belong to a family member, these documents must be duly authenticated by a notary and bear the Hague Apostille.

You should bear in mind that if you wish to find work when you arrive in Spain, with this kind of visa you are restricted to traineeships in companies. That is, working a small number of hours, though it might be that certain companies offer traineeships with financial assistance to the student.


If your stay is for longer than 180 days, you should apply for the TIE (Foreigner Identity Card), the document which accredits that the legal situation of foreign persons on Spanish territory is correct. In addition, it also serves to identify the person and proves that they are authorised to remain in Spain. All foreigners who hold authorisation or a visa to remain in Spain for more than six months are obliged to apply for and obtain the TIE within one month from their entry into the country, or from when the authorisation was conceded.

The TIE is processed at the Immigration Office or the National Police Station of the locality where the student is to reside. The applicant must always make the application in person by requesting an advance appointment on the Immigration Bureau (“Brigada de Extranjería”) website.

IMPORTANT: Before requesting an appointment for FINGERPRINTING, verify that your application status is Favourable and print out your application for submission on the day of the appointment. Link to: Information about the status of immigration applications.


  •  Form number EX-17 completed, original and copy.
  •  Passport or similar travel document or, where applicable, registration document , (in force) and copy of the sheets setting out: affiliation data, date of validity, photograph, visas and stamps.
  •  1 recent photograph in colour, passport-sized and with a white background
  •  Printed screenshot of the “Favourable” screen available under the section on processing immigration applications
  •  Current municipal certificate of registration if you have changed your address (issued in the last three months)
  •  Proof of payment of the fee, Form number 790, Code 012 for the Ministry of the Interior (about 15.76 euros). The form is downloaded from the link “Fee Form number 790 Code 012”and it is made up of three identical copies (for the government, applicant and collaborating entity)THIS CANNOT BE PHOTOCOPIED  as each form bears a unique identification number (NRC).
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