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The content of this program is subject to possible modifications due to the current pandemic. Currently, the activities are taking place either online or in small groups.

There are foreign students who come to take the full undergraduate degree at UFV, or for an exchange stay with an Erasmus grant or a bilateral agreement. When you enter a new environment, a new country, and you want to integrate into the new culture, you often don’t know where to start: How do I get by? Which people should I spend time with? What are the alternatives to just hanging around with my compatriots?

On the other hand, there are people studying at UFV who have a clear international vocation for welcoming: they like meeting people from elsewhere, they love other languages being spoken around them and, in short, anything which has to do with abroad and making friends from cultures, histories and traditions other than their own.

Application for 1st semester is closed, but you may fill in the form in case there was still a local buddy that can welcome you

The impetus for the Buddy Program is the desire to help both foreign and Spanish students to channel these needs and concerns. How?

  • 1.Creating buddies pairs, made up of one UFV student and one international one. This fosters a possible friendship between them. Normally the UFV buddy endeavours to be alert to the most basic needs of their new companion: housing, matriculation, public transport… But, above all, their need for company at such a delicate point in their life, when they have arrived in a new environment.
  • 2.Creating spaces where everyone registered for the program can meet each other.


The Buddy Program gives ECTS credits to students. The most that a UFV student can earn per term is 0.80 ECTS, and for an incoming student, 0.5 ECTS. The requirements below are necessary both for students who wish to receive ECTS for participating and those who do not. Next to each activity, we have marked how many ECTS it is worth.


on full undergraduate degrees at UFV to participate in the program:

  • 1. Register for the program using this online form.
  • 2. Contact your buddy no later than 10 January (if you do not do this, we will automatically remove you from the program).
  • 3. Accompany them on the first day of the Erasmus orientation sessions on 27 January (0.10 ECTS).
  • 4. Attend the introduction/awareness meeting for the Spanish students in January (0.10 ECTS).
  • 5. Attend the presentation of the program in January with all the students registered in it (0.10 ECTS).
  • 6. Complete the final work summarising your experience in the program and fill in an online survey to assess it (0.10 ECTS).


  1. Collect your buddy at the airport the day they arrive in Madrid (0.10 ECTS).
  2. Various activities over the term (0,10 ECTS each).


Farewell video


Paula and Diego

Tania Sub


  •  Start to learn, or improve, a language.
  •  Develop intercultural skills.
  •  Marvellous preparation if you are thinking about a year abroad.
  •  Above all, the possibility of new friendship with people from all parts of the world.


  •  It will help you to meet somebody Spanish at UFV before you come to Madrid and be able to call on them if you need help.
  •  It will help you integrate into Madrid and/or Spanish culture with a person of about the same age, who really wants to help people recently arrived in the city.
  •  It can help you improve your Spanish (at meetings with your buddy) and other languages (meetings with all the buddies).

*It is not obligatory to go to the activities with the assigned buddy. Very often, students go alone and meet new people, both Spanish and foreign. We insist that you make contact with your buddy with a view to a possible friendship, but friendship is of course entirely free, and trying to oblige you to make friends with your buddy would make no sense.

*More information at AFC (University Extension) or at the Vice-Rectorate for International Relations.


Meeting people from many different places.

Cultural interchange.

The way each member fits in and how a very close friendship among all gets formed.

Everybody’s closeness and friendliness.

Meeting new people of different nationalities with whom you can make good friends for the future.


Interaction and its repercussions.


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Carla Vilallonga
Directora del programa