The place where you study is important. It is there you will spend some of the best years of your life, enjoying unforgettable experiences and acquiring the skills to become a great professional. Since its very beginnings, the UFV has been dedicated to creating one of the best university campuses in Europe.  

Stretching over 23 hectares, the UFV has created a unique space for interdisciplinary learning and companionship. The faculties are placed close to each other, students from all degrees meet and mingle on the streets of the campus, encouraging interaction and engagement. There are also an ample variety of places for study (the Library, the Square, the Santander Work Café, the common areas of various buildings, etc).  

There are also a wide range of cafes and eateries (the Central building, Colegio Mayor, Sports Centre, E Building, Rodilla, The Garden and several food trucks in the greenspace) that serve the entire university community and offer a place for informal meeting between student, professors and university personnel.  

We also have ample parking, currently being expanded, sports facilities, and soon the UFV University Chapel and the CRAI building that will house the UFV library, seminar spaces and group work rooms.  

We believe that higher education is about much more than merely “getting a degree”; it is learning to live in adult society, developing the capacity for dialogue and debate, sharing ideas, exploring new interests. An enriching and varied experience of meeting new people, learning and new vistas of the world around us. The campus is a fundamental aspect of this experience.  

Logically, the UFV campus also includes all the best tools and resources possible to provide students with an advanced learning experience. At the UFV you will find:¨ 

  • • Classrooms equipped with the latest technologies. 
  • • The Advanced Clinical Simulation Centre, unique in Europe, where students of Health Sciences (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Psychology, Criminology, Biomedical Engineering, etc.) for an exact replica of real medical practice.

At the Faculty of Communication, students have access to various radio and television studios and can make use of everything they need to create their audio-visual projects. There is a fashion laboratory, design studio, media newsroom, etc.  

  • • The teaching and research laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies in multiphoton microscopy, as well as everything necessary for work in Pharmacy, Biomedicine, Genetics, etc. 
  • • We have recently inaugurated a new building of the Advanced Polytechnical School, with another site at the MSI, one of the most incredible facilities for research into automotive mechanics. 
  • • The Faculty of Law, Business and Governance is equipped with a state-of-the-art business simulation centre and mock courtroom spaces.  
  • • The Faculty of Fine Arts is housed in its own building with several different workshops for painting, sculpture, etc. where students can give free reign to their imagination and hone their artistic skills. 
  • • The Degree in Gastronomy takes place in the kitchens of the prestigious culinary school Le Cordon Bleu Madrid, with all the facilities to be expected in one of the leading schools of haute cuisine in the world. 
  • • The Aula Magna, H Building, is an ideal place for more formal events such as the Annual Inauguration Ceremony, congresses and events or theatre. 
  • • The UFV has created an agora, beside the Advanced Polytechnical School, in the form of  Greek theatre, for concerts and events. 
  • • At the UFV Sports Centre you will have the opportunity to participate in any number of activities, including the gymnasium, the indoor pool or sign up to play football, rugby, tennis, padel, etc. The gymnasium is also attended by students of CAFYD with a physiotherapy clinic operated through the degree in Physiotherapy. 
  • • The campus also includes the Halls Residence, Colegio Mayor Francisco de Vitoria, where a large number of students from outside Madrid have the opportunity to live 100% on campus for an intense and vibrant university experience. 
  • • There is also a host of convenient on-campus services, such as a branch of Banco Santander, driving school, the U-shop where students will find all the material they need for their classes or laboratory work. There are also Cultural Activities, UFV Pastoral Services, Social Action, the Integral Family Support Centre, the Centre for Psychology and Nutrition, etc. 

Many UFV students spend their entire day on campus: they have classes in the morning or afternoon, and spend the rest of their day studying, doing group work, sports, eating with friends and enjoying a vibrant university experience that will enrich their life and understanding of the world.  



Everything is designed so that you can enjoy the study, practice and leisure spaces to the fullest.

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