COV&R 2017


On November 17th 2016, the Spanish University Francisco de Vitoria, hosted the II Seminario de Violencia y Religion: "Identidad y Religion" [II Seminar on Violence and Religion: "Identity and Religion"] organized by Xiphias Gladius, a Spanish research group on Girard's theory.

Intrigued by the conflictual and violence outcomes that surround many processes of identification, Xiphias Gladius proposes, to explore in the light of Girard's theory, the ‘sacred' aspects hidden behind ideological speeches and narratives on identity. The seminar discussed this theme, inspired by René Girard's text, "Belonging", a lecture originally given at Messina University and republished on the last number of Contagion (Vol. 23. Pp. 1-12).

The theme was approached from various perspectives by seventeen scholars from eight different institutions. During the morning session, the participants discussed their sense of "belonging", identity and religion from philosophy, sociology and arts, with interventions moderated by Ángel Barahona. During the afternoon, the session was led by David García-Ramos and history and literature took over to analyse the processes of Identity formation and religion. The seminar concluded with a final introduction to COV&R 2017 that will be held by this same University, Francisco de Vitoria, and will count with the assistance of some of the professors that participated in this II Seminar on Violence and Religion. It was a great warming up for the COV&R 2017.

II Seminar on violence and religion - Session 1 - Philosophy: the other and the same

II Seminar on violence and religion - Session II - Identities, marketing and politics

II Seminar on violence and religion - Session III - History and literature: the construction of historical identities