COV&R 2017

Cultural Program

Wednesday, 12th July

Max Estrella's Night
*Only for Spanish speakers

The night of Max Estrella is a cultural event, similar to the Dubliners' "Bloomsday", that takes place along an evening to honour the Spanish writer Ramón María del Valle-Inclán and the characters of his work "Luces de Bohemia: Esperpento", as well as other writers. Since 2012, the event has taken place on March 27th, the same day as World Theatre Day.

Thus, we will be visiting some of the streets, squares and alleys of downtown Madrid representing scenes and reading passages from the book. Snacks will be provided as well.

The UFV's Theatre Group Students will be in charge of performing some of the scenes.

Practical information: A shuttle service will drive the participants from the UFV campus at 19:30.

Price: 15€/p. (Snacks and drinks included)


Thursday, 13th July

Prado Museum visit

Led by an art historian from the Nartex company, the participants will have the chance to go on a guided tour through the great works of art of Prado Museum related to the Conference topic.

The visit will be divided in two groups, one in Spanish and one in English (30 visitors each)

Price: 4€/p. Time: 18:30


Friday, 14th July

Conference Dinner

Price: 80€/p. (for an estimated group of 80 pax.)


Saturday, 15th July

Day trip to "Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial"

The Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is one of the best reflections of the ideological and cultural aspirations of Spain "Golden Age", as expressed through the unique blend of Italian and Flemish artistic styles favoured by Phillip II.

Grouping many functions in a single building, it began as a monastery for monks of the Saint Jerome Order and ended up as the final resting place of Philip II and a long line of relatives and successors; friars would offer endless prayers for the salvation of royal souls. It is also a palace providing accommodation for the king, the patron of the foundation, and his court. The college and seminary complete the religious function of the Monastery and the Library caters for these three centres. The layout of the complex has, to a certain extent, remained unchanged. The Emperor Charles V, King Philip's father, played a decisive role in the foundation of this Royal Site through the great influence he had over his son, the example he set by passing his last few years among the Hieronymite monks and the need to create an appropriate burial place.

Practical information: Bus from the University at 12:00.

Guided visit to the "Monasterio de El Escorial" by Ángel Sánchez Palencia, PhD.

Lunch in the restaurant "La Cueva".

Price: 40€/p. (at least 30 persons).



Madame Butterfly at the Teatro Real

The Teatro Real has programmed Puccini's Madama Butterfly, one of the most staged operas in the whole world.  The tragic story of the geisha Cio Cio San, better known as Madame Butterfly, touches all audiences. Puccini's innate talent narrates the terrible conflict between two irreconcilable civilizations. This time the story is told from a different angle. Stage director Mario Gas sets the story in the 1930s. He narrates the poignant drama from three simultaneous perspectives for an even more marvellous experience of this classic by Giacomo Puccini.

Practical Information

19:00. Meeting nearby the Teatro Real.

20:00. The Opera begins.

Tickets: 69 – 180€/p.